Anyone can build you a house but not many builders can create with you, a home. TamBay's approach to the custom home design/build process begins long before the first shovel hits the dirt. TamBay's focus is first and foremost to learn how your family lives.  Whether you are a first time homebuyer, a growing family or a couple downsizing for a more relaxed retirement and entertaining lifestyle, TamBay will work to understand your needs and make design recommendations to fit your lifestyle.


Every detail of your home's construction will be carefully managed, from creative use of a compact tree-filled building site, the design of an inviting front porch, to custom mouldings perfectly proportioned to your design.  TamBay provides insight that less experienced builders can only hope to attain. 


 Involved in the construction of over 200 custom homes in South Tampa,  Matt is uniquely positioned to provide you with a personalized and rewarding design/build experience. Never again will you think that building can't be fun!